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26 December 2007

Macabre's Holiday of Horrors South

I'll break from the usual multimedia extravaganza to let you know that Macabre's Holiday of Horrors at the Pearl Room (a sweet venue unfortunately-for-me located in Mokena, where God left his shoes) with Divorced, Thorn Fetish and Whorrid was a killer show, and the first one in a while that I got to enjoy as a fan as opposed to running around with my video crew.

Divorced seemed bored, which rubbed off on me and gave me plenty of time to ponder which Macabre shirt I was going to buy. Thorn Fetish was tight and had a good image/schtick. I thought they were great, but they seemed a bit hair metal for the bill. Whorrid was fantastic, and obviously someone in the band works in a metal shop, because they've got all sorts of really dangerous looking brushed metal logos all over everything. Whorrid, if you're reading this, please keep in mind that someone in the band could easily slip and impale himself on that spiky logo mounted to the front of the drumset...which would make for an awesome show.

Goes without saying that Macabre was mindblowing. They'll be kicking ass as long as there are new serial killers to write songs about. They're clever, brutal and talented, and they have the best fastest drummer in metal, period, hands down.

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