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26 December 2007

Macabre's Holiday of Horrors South

I'll break from the usual multimedia extravaganza to let you know that Macabre's Holiday of Horrors at the Pearl Room (a sweet venue unfortunately-for-me located in Mokena, where God left his shoes) with Divorced, Thorn Fetish and Whorrid was a killer show, and the first one in a while that I got to enjoy as a fan as opposed to running around with my video crew.

Divorced seemed bored, which rubbed off on me and gave me plenty of time to ponder which Macabre shirt I was going to buy. Thorn Fetish was tight and had a good image/schtick. I thought they were great, but they seemed a bit hair metal for the bill. Whorrid was fantastic, and obviously someone in the band works in a metal shop, because they've got all sorts of really dangerous looking brushed metal logos all over everything. Whorrid, if you're reading this, please keep in mind that someone in the band could easily slip and impale himself on that spiky logo mounted to the front of the drumset...which would make for an awesome show.

Goes without saying that Macabre was mindblowing. They'll be kicking ass as long as there are new serial killers to write songs about. They're clever, brutal and talented, and they have the best fastest drummer in metal, period, hands down.

19 December 2007

East Coast Brian wins the autographed Himsa CD.

My new buddy East Coast Brian wins our copy of Himsa's Summon In Thunder autographed by John Pettibone and Sammi Curr. He was the first person to correctly guess "Lamb of God" as the #1 band. Nice job dude.

17 December 2007

Malevolent Creation Interview

Sculptural malevolence featuring Jon Rubin of Malevolent Creation. Recorded at the Chicago stop of the Death by Decibels tour at the Logan Square Auditorium.

Keep your eyes open for our next contest - you'll be able to win the Doom Dough sculptures created by Jon and Johnny in this video!

14 December 2007

Johnny's Definitive List of the Top 181 Bands in the World For 2007

As you well know, I'm interested in metal. I'm also very interested in numbers. (I'm interested in a lot of other things too, but I couldn't figure out how to add baseball to this mix.)

This is the season in which everyone gets overserved at the family Hanukkah party, has a fist fight with their dad, and recounts the top however many whatevers for the year in the form of lists of all sorts. So in the spirit of the season, I present to you A DEFINITIVE LIST OF THE TOP 181 BANDS IN THE WORLD FOR 2007. Take that, dad!

I took a poll on a some online forums and tallied over 2000 votes all by myself, using a spreadsheet that is very accurate. Numbers don't lie, and liars are innumerable. Wherever there was a tie, I took the initiative to decide who was more popular.
I will start at the bottom and go 25 at a time over the course of the next week. I've included links to Amazon and iTunes in case you want to relive old times or hear some new bands for the very first time.

Let's rock this.

Johnny's #1 Band for 2007

The #1 band as voted by over 2000 votes from you internet thrashers is:

1. Lamb of God!

Johnny's Top Bands of 2007 #2-#27

Running behind today, so I'll add the Amazon and iTunes links later.

2. Pantera
3. Metallica
4. Slayer

5. Ozzy

6. Killswitch Engage

7. Megadeth
8. Amon Amarth
9. System of a Down
10. Iced Earth
11. Behemoth
12. Tool

13. Slipknot

14. Blind Guardian
15. Static X
16. In Flames
17. AC/ DC
18. Rammstein
19. Disturbed
20. Dream Theater
21. Children of Bodom
22. Opeth
23. Black Sabbath
24. Iron Maiden
25. Nevermore
26. Mushroomhead
27. Down

Johnny's Top Bands of 2007 #28-#53

28. Cradle of Filth
29. Mastodon
30. Dimmu Borgir
31. Led Zeppelin
32. Shadow's Fall
33. Black Label Society
34. Death
35. Lacuna Coil
36. Machine Head
37. Mudvayne
38. Motley Crue
39. Korn
40. Cannibal Corpse

41. Strapping Young Lad
42. Devildriver
43. Chimaira
44. Kamelot
45. All That Remains
46. Anthrax
47. A Perfect Circle
48. Sonata Arctica
49. Nightwish
50. Cattle Decapitation
51. Sepultura
52. Jethro Tull
53. Twisted Sister

Johnny's Top Bands of 2007: #54-#80

54. Porcupine Tree Amazon | iTunes
55. Rob Zombie
Amazon | iTunes
56. Deftones
Amazon | iTunes
57. Agalloch
Amazon | iTunes
58. Bleeding Through
Amazon | iTunes
59. Chthonic
Amazon | iTunes
60. Soulfly
Amazon | iTunes
61. Tenacious D
Amazon | iTunes
62. Hatebreed
Amazon | iTunes
63. Dragonforce
Amazon | iTunes
64. Nile
Amazon | iTunes
65. Boris
Amazon | iTunes
66. Godsmack
Amazon | iTunes
67. Napalm Death
Amazon | iTunes
68. Acid King
Amazon | iTunes
69. Superjoint Ritual
Amazon | iTunes
70. Rhapsody (of Fire)
Amazon | iTunes
71. Scorpions
Amazon | iTunes
72. Fear Factory
Amazon | iTunes
73. 3 Inches of Blood
Amazon | iTunes
74. Dark Tranquility
Amazon | iTunes
75. Devourment
76. Cactus
Amazon | iTunes
77. Epica
Amazon | iTunes
78. Soilwork
Amazon | iTunes
79. Meshuggah
Amazon | iTunes
80. Gorguts
Amazon | iTunes

Johnny's Top Bands of 2007: #81-#105

81. Damn Yankees Amazon | iTunes
82. Mercenary
Amazon | iTunes
83. Puscifer
Amazon | iTunes
84. Circle of Dead Children
85. Judas Priest
Amazon | iTunes
86. Ayreon
Amazon | iTunes
87. Electric Wizard
Amazon | iTunes
88. Faith No More
Amazon | iTunes
89. Divine Heresy
Amazon | iTunes
90. Guns N' Roses
Amazon | iTunes
91. Pig Destroyer
Amazon | iTunes
92. Manegarm
93. Tourniquet
Amazon | iTunes
94. Echoes of Eternity
Amazon | iTunes
95. Pagan's Mind
96. Rainbow
Amazon | iTunes
97. Dope
Amazon | iTunes
98. Orgy
Amazon | iTunes
99. Cinderella
Amazon | iTunes
100. Gorgoroth
Amazon | iTunes
101. Limp Bizkit
Amazon | iTunes
102. The Exploited
Amazon | iTunes
103. Obituary
Amazon | iTunes
104. The Red Chord
Amazon | iTunes
105. Mortician
Amazon | iTunes